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Facebook LIVE SALE Saturday April ,2020


Facebook LIVE SALE Saturday April 25, 2020

Hello Everyone!
I hope and pray that this email finds you and yours well and that you still have some of your sanity intact after being in quarantine for nearly 5 weeks. I know from some of our conversations, that it has been difficult for some of you and my thoughts and prayers are with you!

I'm still enjoying my comfy clothes and I'm honestly starting to think they just might become my new everyday attire because I swear those darn jeans of mine are shrinking from sitting in the closet. ( I really wish this email program would allow the use emoji's because I would insert a slightly fatter emoji today than the one I would have inserted a few weeks ago)

Facebook LIVE information is below.

  Much Love and I Hope to see you soon, Shawn


The store is closed to the public....
and we MISS YOU! 
so what are we gonna do about it????

Well, we are at it AGAIN!!!!

You are Invited to join us for our


 Saturday April 25, 2020

@ 10:00am

As you all know by now,
We are closing the store permanently,
so you do not want to miss this sale! 
Deep discounts guaranteed!


Be prepared to share it with your sewing friends, guilds,
and cousins all over the United States!!!!
There could be some prizes involved.

You must have a Facebook account to join us 

We will go over the rules online but you will need a Pay Pal account.
It is secure and easy to sign up. 
You can pay with your credit card securely
via Pay Pal.

You will receive your invoice via email.


Some items will be limited,
so a fast response / comment
on your part will help increase your chances of winning the item.
When the items are gone; they are gone! We will not be ordering additional inventory to fill orders.

We will Ship within the United States and
will have shipping information on the video.
Additionally, We will call our locals to pick up their orders when they are ready.

 We hope that you can 
carve a little time out 
of your Saturday morning schedule 
to join us. 
If you are running a little late, 
no problem, jump on as soon as possible.

SO.........stay in your PJ's or
get your stretchy / comfy clothes on
(no hair spray or bra's required)
Grab a cup of coffee or whatever your choice of drink is, log into your facebook 
and settle in for some frantic bidding.
We really do not know how
long it will take to finish
but it could possibly take a few hours..
it could turn out to be a hot mess but the goal is to have some fun. 



Have a Blessed Day from all of us here at Sew What Shoppe and see you soon!
Shawn, Brian, Amy, Ann, Patti, Jan, and Cindy